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Wade B. Smith is a criminal defense trial lawyer who provides criminal law in Houston, TX.

Here at the Law Office of Wade B. Smith, we are in the business of helping people – plain and simple. I understand that if you are contacting my office, it is because you need help with one of the most serious problems you will ever face: that is the crushing weight of criminal prosecution seeking to take away your freedom.

I understand the stress, anxiety, and fear associated with facing criminal charges, and it can be crippling. You need an aggressive and knowledgeable attorney whom you trust to represent you and help guide you through this ordeal.

When choosing an attorney, perhaps the most important thing, aside from being aggressive and knowledgeable, is the amount of time and energy your attorney will focus on your case. It doesn’t matter how ‘great’ the attorney is if they don’t put in the time and effort necessary for your case.

Quality Representation

I truly care about my clients and the outcomes of their cases. As a result, I begin every case with the assumption that it will go all the way to trial, and I prepare every case to take it as far as necessary to resolve it. I am aggressive in my representation of my clients at every stage of the judicial process, with the possibility of trial always in mind. My level of commitment, diligence, personal attention, and overall representation of you will be my very best effort – every case, every time.

I have represented many people in your position, and I pride myself on the high level of representation that I provide to every single client, without exception.

Contact my office to schedule a consultation. I will personally meet with you as soon as possible to discuss your case and how I can help you.

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In addition to defending against all misdemeanor and felony charges, Wade B. Smith also provides services for his clients in other areas of criminal law, including Criminal Record Clearing and Parole.

Contact us in Houston, Texas, and schedule an appointment for a free consultation and case evaluation. We proudly serve clients throughout Harris County, Fort Bend County, and Montgomery County, as well as the surrounding areas.

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